Competition rules


The Twelfth Antón García Abril International Chamber Music Competition will take place in Baza (Granada) -Spain- on the 30th, 31th May and 1st of June 2024, at Dengra Theater:

Plaza Santo Domingo, 2, 18800, Baza.

This Competition is open to all kinds of instrumental groups with a minimum of two instrumentalists and a maximum of nine instrumentalists. A vocalist can be included. Only people 16 or over can take part in the Competition.

Non-published but autographed scores, adaptations and chamber-orchestral music transcriptions will be admitted in the absence of original scores for a particular combination of instruments. Transcriptions and adaptations of Antón García Abril Works will be especially welcome. Piano parts from orchestral concerts for a soloist are excluded.

The order of participants will be decided by lot on 23 May 2024. The presence of participants that day is not required. The resulting list will be published by the Organization on the competition website and on our social networks, Instagram and Facebook.

The Opening Act will lead up to the two stages: a qualifying round and a final round.

Opening Act (30 May).

Presentation and Extraordinary Concert by the Jury members. Dengra Theater 19 pm.

Qualifying round (31 May).

According to the order established, and the place and date indicated, contestants will perform a free choice programme not exceeding 15 minutes duration. Groups should be suitably adjusted to the time limitation established.

At the end of this stage the jury will announce the contestants selected for the Final round.

Final round (1 June).

The selected groups will perform a free choice programme, which shouldn’t exceed a length of 25 minutes. It has to be different from the one performed at the qualifying round.


The qualifying jury will be made up of five prestigious artists. The jury will evaluate the performance and quality of the program submitted by the contestants in both stages of the competition. The jury’s decision is final.


The following prizes will be awarded:

  • First prize: 5.000 € and a Diploma and Concerts (*).
  • Second prize: 3000 € and a Diploma (sponsored by Catalana Occidente).
  • Third prize: 2000 € and a Diploma.
  • Special Prize to the Best Performance of Antón García Abril’s Works: 1500 euros and Diploma. This award may be accumulated to any of the above ones by a single participant group.
  • Special Prize to the Best Performance of Spanish Music: 500 euros and Diploma sponsored by Caja Rural de Granada Foundation.

The two Special Prizes may be accumulated to any of the above ones. These prizes pose no change in the assessment criteria of the jury, but extend the set of prizes, encouraging the performance of Spanish chamber music, especially the works of the composer that names the Competition.

(*)The following concerts will be offered to the 1st Prize:

  • Concert at Huéscar Classical Music Festival, 2025.
  • Concert at the “FIAPMSE – Forum Internacional de Alto Perfeccionamiento Musical del Sur de Europa” or other production by Hispania Musica- Concerto Malaga Foundation, 2025.
  • Concert at COMA Festival (Composers Madrid Association) 2025.
  • Concert at Panticosa International Festival, 2025.
  • Concert at “Tocando las Estrellas” Festival, in Granada, 2025.

The collaboration of the different winning groups with other Festivals remain open, throughout this Edition.

The winners of the second and third prizes will be invited to participate in the Concert Series “Jornadas de Música y Patrimonio” organised by the Toledo Consortium and “Momentum Toledo”, in that city.

All the prizes will be subject to applicable taxes. The jury reserves the right to leave one of the prizes without a winner. In the same way, the jury will have the possibility of considering “ex aequo”. In this case, the prize will be split fifty-fifty.

All the groups in the Final Stage will receive a Diploma certifying as finalists in the International Competition of Chamber Music “Antón García Abril”.


The procedure for selecting participants in our competition is as follows:

The inscriptions will be attended in order of arrival, and a maximum of thirty groups will be admitted. Chamber music groups must send a video of their performance of, at least, 5 minutes long. The program will be freely chosen, and it can be different from the one in the competition. The format can be either mp4, or a link to any public platform, such as YouTube. The video will be sent to the following email:

The jury will be in charge of selecting the groups. Once the video has been viewed, within a week, the organization will notify each group if they have been selected to participate in the XII edition. In case of being selected, groups must send the following documentation:

  1. Sending the completed application form, available on the Competition website, including the mail address of every member of the group.
  2. Payment of 90 Euros for each group in the account number:

Caja Rural Granada
IBAN: ES8130230163446564567607

  1. Attaching the deposit slip. (This amount of money can be refunded only in case the group has not been selected for the competition).
  2. A photocopy of the ID or passport of every member within the group.
  3. Programme of the pieces to be performed in both stages (Qualifying competition and Final competition).
  4. Brief CV of the group in Word format. (Maximum 250 words)

The documentation must be sent according to the deadlines that the Organization indicates to the registered groups, before May 23th 2024, to the following e-mail address:

For more details, please contact:


The Association “Antón García Abril International Chamber Music Competition” is responsible of the Organization. This Organization undertakes to clarify the doubts of the contestants, and to resolve the issues regarding the interpretation of these Bases. It will also provide information on hotel accommodations to contestants who request it.

The contestants should provide three copies of the pieces to be performed in the two Competition rounds to the Organization, as minimum one hour before their first performance.

The jury may change the time devoted to each performance based on the number of contestants and the available time.

The jury of the Competition will determine the order of participation of the finalist groups in the Final round. Contestants who are not present at the time indicated by the Organization for the development of the Competition without cause that justifies it will be excluded.


All the events and performances will be public and they may be recorded. The International Chamber Music Competition Antón García Abril reserves the right to reproduce the finalists’ performances on Radio, TV, Video or any other means of reproduction, during the Competition and afterwards. This does not imply that contestants will receive any kind of payment or royalties.

The presentation of the application form implies the knowledge and acceptance of the above conditions.