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Chamber music is a discipline of singular cultural importance and a fundamental genre in the history of art. In the course of history, all composers have composed pieces for different instrumental formations, including pieces for wind, string and piano. It is not only important as a musical genre and in cultural heritage, but it also has a fundamental pedagogical value for the complete development of musicians.

Antón García Abril (1933-2021) has been one of the most prestigious composers in the world. His work continues Spanish tradition and includes significant innovations. He has composed many symphony, chamber and vocal pieces and also has devoted part of his work to cinema and television, such as the pieces composed for the serial “El hombre y la Tierra”. He has been awarded numerous prizes during his career: Premio Nacional de Música de España, Premio Iberoamericano de la Música Tomás Luis de Victoria, (regarded as one of the most important prizes in the world of music), Gold Medal of the Academy of Spanish Cinema 2014, among others.

The Conservatory of Music “José Salinas” of Baza is located in the highlands of Granada, in eastern Andalusia (Spain), where the Sixth International Chamber Music Competition “Anton Garcia Abril” will be celebrated. This name was chosen in 2011 by the educational community of the Conservatory to name the auditorium of the Centre. It is also the result of a great admiration for Maestro García Abril, his musical legacy and his great work in the field of Spanish and International Music.

Promoted by the leadership of Paqui García Vázquez (Head of the Conservatory then), the project of the creation of a Chamber Music International Competition arises with the intention of being a platform of international diffusion for professional chamber music groups.

From the beginning, the project was supported by the teachers, students and other members of the Conservatory Community, and it also had a wonderful welcome from the people of the city. The project finally became reality in 2012, under the patronage of the City Council of Baza and the Provincial Council of Granada, with the celebration of the Antón García Abril International Chamber Music Competition first edition. Since then, it has become one of the most prestigious international competitions in Spain.

Maestro Antón García Abril visited our Conservatory in several times. He has always demonstrated gratitude, generosity, affection and enthusiasm, which has been decisive in our educational community according to our philosophy of music education.

Twelfth Edition will be celebrated in May-June 2024, organised by the Association named after Antón García Abril International Chamber Music Competition”.

To all musicians and lovers of chamber music.

See you in 30 May-1 June 2024